the Candid Camper Photobooth Experience

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by Kristy Lynn Photography

     We also have the ability to share digital files of your prints, GIFS, and Boomerangs straight to guests phones via text.
     For weddings, our photobooth also comes with a photo guest book, so its one less thing for you to have to worry about on your day! Your guests will be able to write their well wishes next to their photos, and you get a keepsake from your wedding thats more than just signatures. And the best part is that its included in the cost of the photobooth rental!
     After your event, you will also receive a high resolution digital copy of all photos, gifs, and boomerangs taken in an online gallery from which you can relive all of the action from the night, and see all of the hilarious animations. 
Our photobooth can be booked as just the photobooth itself, which will come complete with a backdrop, and will be set up inside your venue. You can also choose to add on our unique trailer, for the ultimate experience. Your choice! 

     Most people think that a photobooth is just more photos, but it is much more than that. It's 50% photos, but it's also 50% fun! It is a great party favour for your guests, and a fun memory that they can look back on for years to come.  A photobooth at your event is a great way to make sure you get fun photos of all of your guests, and it is a great way to make sure everyone is entertained. 
     Our vintage camper will be a great hit as it rolls up next to your event and opens its doors for your guests to create amazing memories. 
     Our professional photobooth produces studio quality photographs in a fun environment in colour or black and white, and is printed on high quality studio paper in seconds. You get personalized templates unique to your event, and the trailer can be decorated with your unique style and decorations to match your theme! 

why should we have a photobooth?

custom packages also available

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Discounts available with wedding photography bookings

Weddings and Celebrations

Starting at $650

We believe in options, and thats why you have the option to choose how you book your PhotoBooth! 
You can choose the PhotoBooth only, which is perfect for indoor venues. The PhotoBooth will be set up inside with a backdrop, props and an attendant. We supply high quality props, but you're also welcome to add in your own to make it unique to your event! 
Our second option is to have your PhotoBooth set up inside our super unique vintage camper trailer, which is perfect for outdoor weddings! We still provide the attendant and props, and we can work with you to decorate the outside of the trailer to match your wedding theme! 
We also have options that include prints, and a digital only option. The choices are yours! 

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A great way to celebrate the bride or mama to be, and make sure you get photos of all the guests in attendance. We can customize the photos for your theme, and even include a guest book for the guest of honour. Everything from backdrops to props can be customized, reach out today with your ideas! 

Bridal/baby Showers                           

A photo booth is an excellent addition to your birthday or special occasion party! A great way to make sure everyone has take home memories of the special day! We can customize the photos to your theme, everything from the backdrop to the props! Reach out today with your ideas. 

birthdays/retirements/special occasions

The best way to have fun with your staff! We will come set up our booth at your location, and customize it to your brand! Sit back and let us take care of everything. Packages can be customized for any length of time. 

Holiday Parties/corporate events                          


Starting at $500

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5. Will we get copies of all the photos taken of all of our guests?

You do! Not only do you get your printed guest book at the end of the night, you'll also get a digital slideshow after your wedding with a copy of each photo.

6. Is there a digital option for guests who want the photos to share online?

Of course! Our photobooth allows guests to immediately receive a copy of their photo to their smartphone via text or airdrop. 

7. We are thinking of adding a photobooth to our existing wedding photography booking. Do you offer bundles?

Absolutely! You can take advantage of some great bundle deals when adding our photobooth to your existing booking. Inquire today to see how much you could save!

1. Do you offer the photobooth services outside of the camper?

I do! The photobooth can be set up inside your reception venue, or parked outside your reception, whichever you prefer! The camper is not insulated for winter weddings, so its best to just use it in the summer months. 

2. Is there an attendant with the photobooth to show guests how to use it?

There is! We help with using the photobooth, signing the guest book, and anything else you may need!

3. Can I personalize the photos with our name and date or our theme colours?

You sure can! Just let us know your ideas and we can send you some proofs to choose from!

4. Can we add on a wedding guest book to the photobooth?

You can! All your guests will get a copy of their photos, as well as a copy for your guest book. They'll be directed to sign and write well wishes next to their photos after they're printed.

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