I’m a wife to the most supportive man, who goes along with all my crazy ideas no questions asked, and a dog mom to two Great Danes. I talk to them like they’re humans, and I love that I don’t have to bend over to pet them. They have their own jammies, and I’m not ashamed to admit it! If you’re an animal lover, chances are we’ll get along great, and you can bet I’m going to ask to see pictures of your pets, and better yet, include them in our photos! Unless it’s a spider. Those things terrify me. 
     I love to travel, and have a few bucket list destinations I’d like to visit soon! Currently I’ve been to Mexico, Cuba and the Dominican, but the Rocky Mountains are calling my name! I’ve always wanted to rent an RV and drive coast to coast across our beautiful country and document it with pictures along the way. Somehow I doubt the dogs would like being cooped up in an RV for weeks on end though, so I’ll settle for just a week for now, and maybe a plane ride there. 
     Most days you can find me curled up with a hot cup of coffee and my dogs  by my side, binge watching something on Netflix. I cry at movies, and if an animal dies in it, you better hope we have an entire box of kleenex with us. 
You're my kind of person if you love car jams at the top of your lungs, know random 90's song lyrics and aren't afraid to belt them out with me, while dancing horribly. I'm always up for spontaneous adventures,  but I've come to realize that I'm a country girl. There is nothing better than living outside of the city. Don't get me wrong, I love the conveniences of the city, but if given the choice, I'd choose the country every time. We recently bought a hot tub, so when I'm not busy,  you can usually find me here, under the stars. There's no better feeling!

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+ Coffee dates with my bestie, Amanda.
+ Morning walks with my furbaby, Jet, listening to podcasts.
+ Chips & queso on a friday afternoon with a cold margarita.
+ Game nights with my husband, Jonathan, where I almost always win.
+ Spending weekends at my family's lakehouse at Lake Texoma.
+ Photographing amazing couples who are so in love and ready to take on life together!

Some of my favorite things:

I'm Kristy!

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I love, love, LOVE being a part of your wedding day or event when everyone is celebrating and having a great time. Some people get super stiff in front of a camera and don't know what to do with themselves. A photobooth seems to make everyone feel at ease and loosen up and they can really be themselves. We figured lets add another element to it, and make it a really unique experience, thats why we added the trailer! The trailer gives it an old school nostalgic feel, kind of like those old booths you'd see in the mall. 

why we started the candid camper photobooth...

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